Johnny Ater

johnnyJohnny Ater, is a husband and a Dad to two wicked awesome kids, and newly a grandfather. By day, a Maine Painting Contractor; and by night, Ater is one of Maine’s favorite Standup Comics, working hard and succeeding at his craft of making audiences laugh, since 2003. One moment he is taking light-hearted swipes at himself (and his fellow Mainers), and how NOT cool he is; and the next moment he is contorting his face in the most amazingly goofy ways, you can’t help but crack a smile at what a ham this guy is. You will walk away from a show remembering Johnny Ater’s faces, it’s most definitely his “signature” style in his comedy. And it’s no wonder this guy is at the top of the list of Maine’s funniest professional working comedians, performing all over the country, constantly. The Nite Show Maine, San Francisco Punchline, Boston Comedy Connection, and Portland Comedy Connection.


Showtime: Friday Night – Tickets